Campaign Timeline

A Brief History

What follows is the history of Kyrios from an elven perspective. The campaign begins with the last entry.

Elven Epoch Event
Forgotten Age The eladrin make their way to Kyrios from the Misty Shore.
Many eladrin choose Kyrios as their home, becoming the first elves.

Age of Wonder The elves discover the dwarven civilization and are both curious and troubled by the dwarven way.
Elves discover that the dwarves are mining bloodstone at great harm to the soul of the land.
Orcs and duergar appear within and near the dwarven lands.

The War of Tears Six of the Nine Knots go to war with the dwarves, no longer able to tolerate the dwarven greed. Of the other three Knots, Pine and Fir remain aloof, while Juniper retains a shaky dwarven alliance.

Quiet Age The dwarves and elves reach a shaky truce, and no further blood is shed.
Humans are first encountered to the south of the known lands. Expeditions reveal a thriving civilization, though no match for the glory of the dwarves.
The dwarven civilization enters a decline, never recovering from the War of Tears.

Age of Poison The humans expand into the known lands more rapidly than elf or dwarf can imagine. Human numbers are too great, leading to the rise of various human empires.
Elves and dwarves both entire into decline. Most dwarves retreat into their mountain homes, and elves to their sacred groves.
The elves are enraged to discover that humanity has discovered the bloodstone. Humans are even more reckless than the dwarves, supported by the treason of the Holly Knot.

Upheaval The Grovemasters surround the Holly Knot and, at the expense of their own lives, thrust the Holly Knot and the earth beneath into the Summersea. The land is torn apart, leaving a bottomless chasm. The Isle of Night now rises above the Summersea, encircled by a web of mists, populated by dark fae, goblins and worse.
The greatest human empire, The Empire of the Golden Throne, is reduced to petty city-states.

Age of Winter The elves are finally ready to reclaim the known lands and herald in a Spring Age.

Campaign Timeline

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