Willow Knot

People of the Willow Knot

The King

The Nine Guardians

Tradition brings a valuable hero from each Knot to serve the Willow, including the Willow Knot’s own master of war. Following the Upheaval there are only eight guardians, though they are still called the Nine.

The Black Riders

There is a single lineage of the Willow Knot which serves to mete out the rare punishment and declare dooms upon the elves. They alone wear pitch black cloaks, and only the chosen Doomhand is permitted to wear all black.

The Dark Feathers

The Druids

Each family of animals is represented by a single druid. One has recently been chosen to bear the seeds of all the Great Trees and reclaim realms beyond the Summerlands’ borders.


Shaileagh, The Great Willow

Tall as a mountain, Shaileagh holds both the palace of King Deanach and the secretive druids’ hollow. Surrounding the Great Willow is the river (???).

The Palace (???)

The palace is a vast complex tangled within the exposed roots of the Great Willow. In the throne room sits the Weeping Throne. Above the throne, wound into the roots, is the withered body of Grovemaster Earthsunder.

The Druids’ Hollow

Deep within the tree is a holy place where Grovemaster Earthsunder’s spirit lives as an avatar for the Great Willow herself. Only druids are allowed entry, and even then, only in animal form. To do otherwise would bring madness and a swift death.


Red crows symbolic of the Willow Knot.

Willow Knot

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